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Texas Orthodox Clergy Speak Out on Gay Marriage and the “Rebellion Against God’s Created Order”

We, the Orthodox clergy of Houston and Southeast Texas, are compelled by our responsibilities before God to speak out plainly against the rebellion against God’s created order that we see being waged on both the local and national level.

Fr. Gregory Jensen: The Moral Limits of Psychology

Operating within its own limits, psychology can be helpful. Too often however we appeal to psychology for assistance without a proper understanding of the empirical and moral limits of the discipline.

Theodore Dalrymple: Progressive Ideology ‘Dehumanizes The Population’ [VIDEO]

A prison doctor before retiring, Dalrymple sees the decline of his native Britain not in terms of systemic injustice (Progressivism) but as a collapse of character and virtue, particularly among the leaders who, in an earlier era, recognized the privileges of income, wealth, even birth imposed an obligation to serve that has in recent generations been lost.

James Kushiner: Military and Monastics

This essay appeared in the Fellowship of St. James Creed and Culture newsletter. By James Kusner It dismays me to read the blog post (Homosexual Assault Grows in the Military) by Michael Avramovich about the rise of sexual assault in the military. I remember reading in Stephen Ambrose’s works about homosexual activity among American troops […]

I’m Trying to Help a Guy Go to College

He’s a friend of mine, 21 years old who has turned his life around. He works hard, has mapped out a future, but needs some financial help with college.