Archives for April 2015

LifeSite News: The Orthodox Church Strongly Endorses the March for Marriage, Encourages All Faithful to Participate

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese has issued an encyclical to approximately 268 churches in North America, asking all the faithful to join the demonstration in the nation’s capital supporting traditional marriage.

Obama Wants to Condemn American Kids to Gay Hell

When we become gay – we partially give-up that hurt and traumatized self and fuse it with the gay mindset; in other words, acting out sexually our dysfunction, i.e. an irrational longing for masculine love and companionship. . .

Rod Dreher Discusses the Gay Jihad Against Christianity [AUDIO]

Christians must makes strategic decisions about religious liberty issues. The non-negotiables must be defended and the others let go.

Frederica: Why Oppose Gay Marriage?

Frederica discusses a controversy that erupted online over her comment on gay marriage, and concludes that it is time for Christians to stand together on this issue.