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Homosexual Marriage at the Dusk of Liberty

– By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse To define homosexual coupling as marriage violates natural law. It takes one male and one female to create a child and constitute a family. A male-to-male or female-to-female coupling is naturally sterile; biologically closed to the creation of new life. A homosexual “family” then, is necessarily an artificial creation. […]

Fr. Gregory Jensen: A Field Guide for the Hero’s Journey – Part 1 [Book Review]

Source: Koinonia The Pursuit of Freedom & Wealth. Though both are good neither freedom nor wealth are morally sufficient ends in themselves for the human family. Like freedom, wealth is for something. Actually strictly speaking wealth and freedom are both in the service of human flourishing. In the Christian tradition this means that both human […]

Metropolitan Hilarion Blasts Anglicans for Renouncing the Faith

In a recent speech at Villanova University, Met. Hilarion (Alfeyev) of the Russian Orthodox Church said that dialogue between the Orthodox and Anglicans are under threat because of the abandonment of the Christian moral tradition by the Anglican communion. Orthodox and Anglicans find themselves “on different sides of the abyss which separate Christians of a […]

Tolerance is Not a Christian Virtue

– Hang on to your hat folks. The title does not say Christians should be intolerant. It says instead that tolerance is not an end itself but merely an important working principle in moral discourse and inquiry. Below is a summary of the point given by Abp. Chaput of the Roman Catholic Church. It is […]

The America of 2013

America is in a very deep moral crisis. Source: American Thinker | Steve McCann Americans take great umbrage whenever they, as a society, are portrayed by the residents of other nations as self-centered, avaricious and overbearing. While an egregious exaggeration in the past, is it an accurate description now? Who are the American people today […]