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Wesley J. Smith Analyzes the Election

Granted, the ideas expressed in Wesley J. Smith’s commentary below are preliminary, but the (still to be developed) core of the essay is this: a large part of the last election dealt with cultural shift particularly how we understand of the individual and community. Yet, even formulating the problem in this way is incorrect because […]

Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk Congratulates Newly Appointed Archbishop of Canterbury

Below is the letter of congratulations written by Met. Hilarion of Volokolamsk to the Right. Rev. Justimn Welby, the elect Archbishop of Canterbury. The tone is cordial but the warning is inescapable: innovations in the Anglican communion has created a division in fraternal relations between the Anglicans and the Orthodox Church that threatens a permanent […]

100,000 French Protestors Say No to Homosexual Marriage

The re-engineering of French society by the ruling Socialist Party hits a speed bump. Thousands march against same-sex marriage bill Source: France 24 Opponents of a bill that would open up civil marriages and adoption to same-sex couples in France marched in the country’s main cities on Saturday to protest what they call a “major […]

The Orthodox Church – 1923 American Interview with Patriarch Tikhon

Source: Alexander Palace Time Machine From “The Light of Russia” by Donald A. Lowrie (From a rare book published by the YMCA in Prague in 1923. Tikhon was murdered by the Communists soon after the book was published. – Bob Atchison) After the decision to restore the Patriarchate, the most important act of the Sobor […]

Jacques Berlinerblau: Secular America Wins!

I could go through this article point by point and how how a materialist, non-sacramental worldview shapes how a person sees culture and politics. I am not going to do that. Instead, read through the article to understand how a person committed to radical secularism interprets the Obama victory. It’s a revealing and, in its […]