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Get Religion: Failing to Cover the Christ Our Savior Video Riot

Source: Get Religion As you would imagine, I have received a few notes seeking my take, as a journalist and as an Orthodox Christian, on the events involving that crudely named feminist band in Russia. You know, the one that drew this headline the other day in The New York Times: “Anti-Putin Stunt Earns Punk […]

Is Islam a Religion, a Political Ideology, or Both?

The video below records Islamic speakers during the Muslim Day Parade held recently in New York City. They argue that the United Nations should pass blasphemy laws protecting Islam. It also shows a New York state senator who could not take the assault against free speech and religion and walked out. Democratic values grew in […]

Church Relieved as MPs Vote No to Gay Marriage

The Orthodox seem to understand the ramifications of the marriage issue more clearly in Australia. Source: The (Australian) Greek Orthodox Archdiocese were delighted to hear the decision by Australian MPs. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese were delighted to hear the decision by Australian MPs to vote no to a bill in the Senate for the […]

Minnesota Orthodox Clergy Stand for Traditional Marriage

I can see the Minneapolis Star Tribune has not changed much and manages, as always, to couch their bias in the basest sentimentality. One day there might be a class in Journalism School called “The Oprahization of Print Media” and the Star Tribune would be Exhibit A. I grew up in Minneapolis so I learned […]

Islam and the Closing of the Secular Mind

Source: The American Spectator By Samuel Gregg The “enlightened” Western mind can no longer think seriously or coherently about religion. Given the decidedly strange response of the Obama Administration and much of the Western commentariat to the violence sweeping the Islamic world, one temptation is to view their reaction as simple incomprehension in the face […]