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Frank Schaeffer’s Fundamentalist Fakery

From the article: "Schaeffer’s Orthodox history might be inconvenient to him today because based on the Church’s teachings — sanctity of life, sexuality, marriage, a hyper-patriarchal priesthood — it looks a lot like the dimwitted “Taliban” Christians and “fundamentalists” that Schaeffer spends so much time denouncing of late. Then again, you can hardly go around advertising the fact that you … [Read more...]

With the Rise of Militant Secularism, Rome and Moscow Make Common Cause

The Acton Institute just published my essay. Source: Acton Institute | Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse The European religious press is abuzz over recent developments in Orthodox – Catholic relations that indicate both Churches are moving closer together. The diplomatic centerpiece of the activity would be a meeting of Pope Benedict and Patriarch Kyrill of the Russian Orthodox Church that was first … [Read more...]

Rod Dreher: It’s Time Bishops Man Up

Earlier this year, there was a battle-royal raging among the elites of my church, the Orthodox Church in America, over the leadership style of Metropolitan Jonah, the primate. A number of the bishops on the Synod were plotting against him, along with some key and vocal activists associated with the OCA old guard. I involved myself in the defense of Jonah, blogging under a pseudonym to prevent … [Read more...]

Miraculous Myrrh-Streaming Iveron Icon Visits St. George GOC in Ocean City, Maryland on Wednesday, October 19.

Ocean City, MD — The miraculous Myrrh-Streaming Iveron Icon of the Mother of God will visit the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George on Wednesday, October 19, 2011, at 6:00 p.m. The Church is located at 8805 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD. All Orthodox Christians and others are invited to the solemn visitation of the wonder-working icon. The icon will arrive at the Church, be greeted by the … [Read more...]

Mark Steyn on Free Speech

Steyn: "One of the great strengths of common law has been its general antipathy toward group rights because the ultimate minority is the individual. The minute you have collective rights, you require dramatically enhanced state power to mediate the hierarchy of different victim groups." … [Read more...]