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Albert Mohler: Evangelicals and the Gay Moral Revolution

In the essay below, Dr. Mohler is speaking to an Evangelical Christian readership but many of his observations apply to all Christians. The normalization of homosexual behavior is a moral revolution Mohler writes and not one that Christians can join and remain faithful to their Christian faith. He’s right about that. There will be pressure […]

Human Events. The Unseen Riots of London: American media tries very hard not to notice a world capitol in flames

This is what the collapse of the welfare state looks like. Source: Human Events For the past four days, the city of London has been in flames. The UK Telegraph reports over 20,000 calls to the police on a single night: Officials said all police cells in London were now full and that any new […]

John Couretas: Protect the Poor, Not Poverty Programs

Source: Acton Institute | By John Couretas One of the disturbing aspects of the liberal/progressive faith campaign known as the Circle of Protection is that its organizers have such little regard – indeed are blind to — the innate freedom of the human person. Their campaign, which has published “A Statement on Why We Need […]

OCALaity Urges OCA to Adopt “Sanctity of Marriage Sunday” Urges OCA to Adopt “Sanctity of Marriage Sunday”

From OCALaity: “St. Nicholas Cathedral in Washington DC has sent five resolutions to the OCA’s Resolution Committee for consideration at the upcoming 16th All American Council. The resolutions can be found at The resolutions deal with marriage, our OCA youth, monasteries, child sexual abuse, and a deaf outreach. Of particular interest to most Orthodox […]

Jesse S. Cone: Fr. Leonid’s Culture War

Jesse S. Cone provides a compelling critique below of Fr. Leonid Kishkovsky’s signing of Jim Wallis’ “Circle of Protection” proclamation. The document was crafted by Wallis and signed mostly by left-leaning Christians ostensibly to protect the poor from draconian budget cuts. Wallis is a 1960’s style liberal who still believes that government has the resources […]