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Abp Chaput: New York Times, CNN, MSNBC Can’t be Trusted on Abortion, Faith

These are words some self-styled Orthodox commentators on Church and society would do well to heed. From the article: “In the United States, our battles over abortion, family life, same-sex marriage, and other sensitive issues have led to ferocious public smears and legal threats not only of Catholics, but also against Mormons, evangelicals, and other […]

Facebook “Listening” Group Drags Culture Wars into the Orthodox Church

By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse Progressive fads sweep through the culture like clockwork. Remember the impending global ice age in the 1970s that morphed into global warming today? How about the fight about abortion where anyone who dared criticize it was branded as a hater of women? Remember the Equal Rights Amendment and how convinced […]

Dr. Clark Carlton. The Naked Public Square, Part Four: Orthodoxy and Progressive Politics [AUDIO]

Dr. Clark Carlton is smart, opinionated, and right about a lot of things. He’s not afraid of the dust his ideas stir up either. Here Dr. Carlton examines Progressive ideology. While Dr. Carlton he does not examine the confusion that results when Progressives adopt the vocabulary of the moral tradition to defend policies inimical to […]

This Isn’t Meddling — It’s Murder

Source: | By Albert Mohler In the name of personal preference and for social reasons, some women now demand that their multiple babies be aborted so that they will have only the one baby they want. Euphemisms are the refuge of moral cowardice, and no euphemism is so cowardly or so deadly as “reduction” […]

Society for Orthodox Christian Church History Announces New Journal

The Society for Orthodox Christian History in the Americas (SOCHA) is pleased to announce a new, affiliated academic publication, the Journal of American Orthodox Church History (JAOCH). JAOCH is peer reviewed by established scholars within the field and published electronically. JAOCH is published annually and consists of articles, book reviews, and translations of historically significant […]