Archives for June 2011

Abp. Chaput: America Becoming ‘Much Less Friendly’ to Religious Freedom

Although written for a Catholic audience, the ideas expressed by Archbishop Chaput apply to Christians across the board. Take special care reading the section “A Less Friendly America” where Abp. Chaput warns us the coming hostility towards religion and how anti-religionists will use the power of the state to diminish the cultural influence of Christianity. […]

Patriarch Kirill: European Population Will Die if it Fails to Come Back to its Spiritual Sources

Source: Interfax Moscow, June 22, Interfax – Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill urged European religious leaders to make collective efforts to pursue the revival of Christianity within the continent. “The Russian Orthodox Church proposes that European Christian communities unite to become partners of the states and European civil community in pursuing the revival […]

Patriarchate of Moscow Launches Program for Protection of Christians Worldwide

Source: Asia News Read Met. Hilarion’s Address to the European Religious leaders on Moscow (AsiaNews) – Concerned by a widespread “Christianophobia”, the Russian Orthodox Church has decided to publish regular information on episodes of violence that affect Christians in the world. Interfax news agency reports that the World Russian People’s Council is a public […]

Albert Mohler – When the Church Bows to the State: Gay Bishops in the Church of England

Source: Dr. Albert Mohler Blog As if the Church of England does not have enough troubles, word is leaking out of Lambeth Palace that the church is about to allow the appointment of openly gay bishops, so long as those bishops remain celibate. The news has emerged in the form of a leaked internal memorandum […]

Met. Jonah: Asceticism and the Consumer Society

His Beatitude’s remarks were delivered at the Acton University plenary session on Thursday, June 16, in Grand Rapids, Mich. AU is a “four-day exploration of the intellectual foundations of a free society” with the aim of deepening students’ knowledge of philosophy, Christian theology and “sound economics.” This year’s event attracted more than 600 people from […]