Archives for June 2011

Fr. Mark Arey: Update on the Episcopal Assembly [AUDIO]

Fr. Mark Arey, Director of the Inter-Orthodox, Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and the Secretary to the Chairman of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in North and South America, reports on the progress of the Episcopal Assembly in this interview given recently. Listening to Fr. Mark it is clear there is not much new to report but that is due to the … [Read more...]

Chris Banescu: To Be or Not to Be…Created

Chris Banescu recently launched a new blog: The Voice Crying in the Wilderness. Chris takes on a lot of sacred cows, especially from the cultural left, and shows how paltry the thinking often is behind the precepts that many people take as self-evidently true. Call it casting down the cultural idols, the assumptions that shape so much of our thinking and therefore how we see things. It's important … [Read more...]

An interview with the Creator of “Good Guys Wear Black”

HT: OrthodoxNet Blog and Byzantine, TX Fr. John A. Peck serves at St. George Orthodox Church in Prescott, AZ and is already well known as the administrator of the “Preachers Institute” and “Journey to Orthodoxy” websites. Recently he launched a site called “Good Guys Wear Black,” which aims to provide a resource for men discerning their vocation to the priesthood. Fr. John was kind enough to … [Read more...]

Bp. Michael (OCA) Defends Traditional Marriage

The letter by Bishop Michael (Orthodox Church in America) defending traditional marriage responds to the legislation passed in New York allowing same-sex marriage. The bill contained religious exemptions, but if these will hold up is anyone's guess (probably not). Still, the bill should not have been passed at all. Does anyone know if the GOA made any kind of statement beforehand? I can't find … [Read more...]

Fr. Michael Butler: Orthodoxy and Environmentalism [AUDIO]

As a companion to the text of His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah's address ("Ascestism and the Consumer Society") at Acton University published here, we're posting the audio from a lecture by the Very Rev. Michael Butler on Orthodoxy and Environmentalism. We're grateful to the Acton Institute for making this lecture available to AOI. To purchase a copy of Fr. Butler's lecture, or other talks from AU … [Read more...]