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Benjamin Peck: The Gift of “No”

Benjamin Peck is the son of Fr. John Peck, contributer to the AOI Observer and editor of Preachers Institute and Journey to Orthodoxy. Fr. John is the priest at St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Prescott, Arizona. Ben participated in a conference called the Festival of Young Preachers where he gave the sermon below. It's good, very good in fact. Both son and father should be … [Read more...]

Fr. Gregory Jenson: Stewardship and the Human Vocation to Work

Acton Institute | Fr. Gregory Jenson Paying the bills and contributing to the collection basket are laudable. But Christian stewardship is significantly more than these; like prayer, fasting, and the sacraments, it is an essential part of our Christian life. More than what we say, the way we use our time, talent and treasure, reveals what we value, how we understand ourselves as men and women of … [Read more...]

Dn. Kuraev: Can an Orthodox Become an Evolutionist?

It appears that fundamentalist Protestant "Scientific Creationism" is causing quite the stir in Russia. Here is a particularly thoughtful and penetrating rebuttal that posits a congruence between Orthodox theology and the theory of evolution. I am generally predisposed against evolution largely because of its philosophical presuppositions primarily materialism. This essay does not appear to be … [Read more...]

Wallis & Colson: Conviction and Civility

Source: Christianity Today | By Jim Wallis and Chuck Colson We should not lose this moment for moral reflection and renewal. We are both evangelical Christians who believe that our treatment of the poor, weak, and most vulnerable is how a society is best biblically measured. Yet we usually find ourselves at opposite poles politically and often differ with each other. We believe these … [Read more...]

Agenda — Grinding America Down [VIDEO]

Source: I usually don't pay much attention to things like this but a friend send the link along and I took a look. I agree with almost everything the speakers said in it. I don't know if the movie is any good, but the promo sure is. Source: … [Read more...]