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The Unborn Paradox

This is a thoughtful essay that I was surprised to see in the New York Times. I’ve watched some of the MTV segments Douthat mentions below that deal with the reality of teenage pregnancy. You see the wisdom of young mothers giving their child up for adoption. By Ross Douthat | New York Times The […]

Orthodox Preachers Attending The Festival Of Young Preachers

Source: Preachers Institute This Theophany, young Orthodox preachers will be participating in the Festival of Young Preachers, an annual festival held by Dwight Moody’s Academy of Preachers. The Academy is a national partner of the Preachers Institute. This is an annual opportunity for young Christian preachers, aged 16-28, to come together, flex their intellects, share […]

Russian Church opens in Antalya Turkey (On the territory of the EP)

This story, available only in Russian (Google and Bing translations provided below), provides a glimpse into the changing relationship between Moscow and Constantinople, one that may account for Constantinople’s recent diplomatic success with the Turkish government. For years the Ecumenical Patriarchate suffered the hardships of a beleaguered minority but in the past few years has […]

Popes, Atheists and Freedom

Daniel Henninger | Wall Street Journal Secularists should recognize that the pope’s fight is their fight. This being the season of hope, Islamic extremists of course have been engaged in their annual tradition of blowing up Christian churches. […] Hours before this, from a window above St. Peter’s Square, Benedict also took a pass on […]