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Muresan: Spinning – Is Anyone Serious About the Episcopal Assembly?

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity By Ronald Andre Muresan I was four years old in 1960, the year the SCOBA Orthodox bishops’ council was formed, under ever-mounting calls (GOYA, SOYO, CEOYLA, etc.) for a North American Orthodox Synod, independent of the Old World, neither more nor less than the countries our ancestors came from. My father was 39 then, fifteen years younger than I am … [Read more...]

Peter and Helen Evans: Bishops wont act? Ask for a blessing, then do it yourself!

Peter and Helen Evans edit the Politics and Prayer website. We read comments on this blog and also hear people complaining that "the Bishops should proclaim..." a Day of Prayer or March for Life or any number of semi-public events. Let us suggest that we don't have to wait for a proclamation. We don't have to wait to be told what to do. Various cities around the United States are having their … [Read more...]

Episcopal Assembly Responds: Remember the Victims of Abortion

It is good to see this public statement by the Episcopal Assembly released today. Hopefully it is the beginning of a unified Orthodox voice that can bring moral clarity to the larger culture. I wish the statement drew clearer distinctions but given Constantinople's statement of moral equivocation and the moral confusion it reveals, it's hard to see how clarity can come if one party insists on … [Read more...]

Met. Jonah: A Time of Crisis and Opportunity: Part II

Source | HT: Orthodox News By His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah The Mission of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church in America, as the local Body of Christ (for/on) the North American Continent, is to be faithful in preaching the fullness of the Gospel of the Kingdom to all peoples of North America in fulfillment of the great commission of Jesus Christ to "Go into all the world and … [Read more...]

Jacobse. Philadelphia: The Cost of Equivocation

Why such outrage over the Philadelphia abortionist? What moral difference is there between severing the spinal cord of a newborn with a pair of scissors and dismembering a baby with a scalpel a few moments before its birth? There isn't any. Yet the outcry over the brutality indicates that the fiction of viability may be lifting, and not a moment too soon. Viability, the idea that an unborn … [Read more...]