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Orthodox Christian Responsibility in the Public Arena

HT: OrthodoxNet blog Read more of Fr. Peck’s writing at Preachers Institute and Journey to Orthodoxy. Fr. Peck pastors St. George Greek Orthodox Church. By Fr. John Peck First published in 2004. First of all, let me begin by saying that it is my duty, as a priest and pastor, to impose moral standards on […]

The Conservative Moment

The irony is isn’t lost on me as as I read the Arizona Republic in and Arizona Starbucks this morning (free wi-fi), ground zero for many of the issues Americans are deciding on today. Thinking back I remember see Jimmy Carter in Eugene, Oregon on afternoon quite by accident (my last vote as a Democrat) […]

Sporadic postings this week

I’m flying to Phoenix, Arizona in about four hours to give a retreat on culture and the Church later this week to the Arizona Orthodox clergy. Updates will be sporadic and I will check in when I can. I’ll turn the presentation into a paper and post it when I get back. 11:03 am. Sitting […]

Bob Hosken news

I always liked reading computer magazines and still do. In the late 1980’s I heard of this thing called the internet, was intrigued by it and went out and bought a 9600 baud modem. A friend had given me a computer, Windows based in the days before VGA was even a standard (my first was […]