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Nihilism as the end of atheism is a historical necessity

An idea I need to develop: The Gospel supplanted paganism in its various forms because through the preaching of it the Resurrected Christ is revealed, the One through whom death was destroyed, the One who broke the shackles of paganism -- the prison of capricious fate and the cosmic despair that paganism was powerless to overcome. The resurrection of Christ breaks the bonds of the pagan world … [Read more...]

Part 9 of 9 of the debate is up … [Read more...]

The Manhattan Declaration

A while back Fr. Peter-Michael Preble interviewed me about the Manhattan Declaration and a few other items of interest that was just posted on Ancient Faith Radio. From Ancient Faith: Fr. Peter-Michael Preble interviews Fr. Hans Jacobse, the founder of the American Orthodox Institute, the editor of Orthodoxy Today, and one of the first Orthodox signatories of The Manhattan … [Read more...]

Some Q & A the day after the debate

On Old Testament Violence and Orthodox Interpretation of Scripture On the Intrinsic Value of a Human Being On Science, Galileo and Church Persecution On the Roman Catholic Church's Inquisition and the Crusades … [Read more...]

Debate done, went well, post tomorrow?

Well, the debate went well, about 450 people or so in attendance. I heard it will be posted on Youtube tomorrow so as soon as I get a link I will post it here. Once I get it up, we can discuss it. Meanwhile, maybe some people who attended and would care to can post their impressions here. View the debate. … [Read more...]