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Debate: Does Atheism Poison Everything? Christopher Hitchens vs. David Berlinski

A debate on atheism with Christopher Hitchens, author of God Is Not Great, and David Berlinski, author of The Devil’s Delusion. This event was hosted by the Fixed Point Foundation ( in Birmingham, Alabama. Part 1 of 5 Recent Comments Priests Don’t Answer Emails [10] Anonymous So I am very late in coming to this, […]

AOI Observer up for two awards

Over at Eastern Christian New Media, AOI Observer has been nominated as best blog in two categories: 1) Best Church News Blog (Best blog at keeping up with current events and providing insightful commentary), and 2) Best Group Blog (Premier blog worked on by a group of people). Actually, a lot of good blogs got […]

Does a Good God Exist? A debate between Dr. William Dembski and Christopher Hitchens

Intelligent Design proponent William Dembski and famed atheist Christopher Hitchens disputed the existence of a benevolent God in a recent debate now posted on the website of Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano, Texas. Read full article. Recent Comments Priests Don’t Answer Emails [10] Anonymous So I am very late in coming to this, but yes, […]

Patsourakos: Clergy Must Abide by America’s Tradition of Church-State Separation

George Patsourakos, occasional commentator on the AOI Observer, posted a commentary on his blog “Theology and Society” sure to elicit some strong responses. I agree with his overall conclusion (keep candidate endorsements away from the pulpit) but I disagree with his interpretation of the separation of church and state clause in the Constitution. What do […]

Wesley J. Smith: Peter Singer Says Full Moral Status Not Earned by Babies “Until After 2 Years”

Dostoevsky: When men stop believing in God, they will believe anything. I was alerted by Nat Hentoff about an assertion made by Peter Singer–as reported in the Catholic Eye–at a Princeton conference around the abortion question, in which he claims that human beings don’t possess full moral status until after the age of two. I […]