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Alexander Solzhenitsyn

A man worthy to be remembered whose writings changed the world. Source: Religion and Liberty One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world. Toward the close of his 1970 Nobel Prize lecture, Alexander Solzhenitsyn affirmed the power of literature “to help mankind, in these its troubled hours, to see itself as it really is, notwithstanding the indoctrinations of prejudiced people … [Read more...]

AOI Observer wins Eastern Christian New Media Award

Thanks for everyone who voted for the AOI Observer in the recent Eastern Christian New Media contest. AOI won first place in the Best Group Blog category. … [Read more...]

Met. Hilarion: Patriarch’s meeting with Pope getting nearer

Source: Orthodox Church Media Network November 26, 2010 Moscow, November 26, Interfax – The meeting between the Moscow Patriarch and the Pope is getting nearer each day, the Russian Orthodox Church said. “Each day brings us closer to this meeting between the Pope and Patriarch,” head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, … [Read more...]

Globe and Mail: Can environmentalism be saved from itself?

The Globe and Mail published in Toronto, Canada on the intellectual bankruptcy of the Global Warming movement and how a handful of ideological activists have nearly buried responsible concern for the environment. Highlight: Copenhagen was not a political breakdown. It was an intellectual breakdown so astonishing that future generations will marvel at our blind credulity. Copenhagen was a … [Read more...]

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Some of the American hymns are beautiful. This is one of my favorites. … [Read more...]