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Burning the Koran

Fr. Peter: Well I for one would like to send a message to the radical Christians that we are not interested in you! You are what is wrong in this world and your kind are giving the rest of us right believing Christians a bad name. Maybe you should go your local Army Recruiting station and enlist in the military and go and fight for this nation rather than put her military in jeopardy. Fr. … [Read more...]

George Soros donates $100 million to Human Rights Watch

Source. Now read what Roger Kimball (one of America's top public intellectuals) has to say about Soros on his blog: … [Read more...]

OCA summarizes Met. Hilarion’s visit

Note (from the release): "Metropolitan Hilarion affirmed the Russian Orthodox Church's commitment to uphold its granting of autocephaly to the Orthodox Church in America in 1970," said Father Alexander Garklavs after the meeting. My question: While I welcome the affirmation, does the Church that grants autocephaly actually have the power to rescind it? I wouldn't think so. The granting of … [Read more...]