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Ground Zero as Metaphor: A Crossroads for America and Orthodoxy?

George C. Michalopulos looks at the American socio/cultural landscape and sees parallels between the conflicts in the culture with conflicts in the Church. Two competing narratives function in the American Orthodox Church — the missionary narrative that goes back to the missionary monks who brought the Gospel to Alaska, and the colonial subjugation narrative by […]

Undue interference in the choice of religious leaders

Source: Asia News Ankara (AsiaNews/F18) – The Turkish government continues to interfere in who leads the Greek Orthodox, Armenian Apostolic and Jewish communities. It also determines who leads the Diyanet, the Presidency of Religious Affairs, the highest Islamic religious authority in the country, Forum 18 News Service reports. This violates the rights of each religious […]

Chaplains in no-win situation on ‘don’t ask’

From the article: Confronted with such a dim future, many chaplains might retire early, resign their commissions in protest, or decline to serve in the first place. More drastically, the bishops, boards or other religious judicatories whose approval is indispensable for clergy to be commissioned as officers might withdraw their official endorsements and pull their […]

Mosque of conquest?

On Sept. 11, 2001, Muslim terrorists attacked the most prominent spot in America, the World Trade Center. In less than 10 years, the number of mosques in New York City has skyrocketed to over 140. Source: World Net Daily By William J. Federer Muslim groups are proposing a 13-story $100 million mosque in the most […]

CNN’s “World’s Untold Stories” to examine Greek Orthodox Community in Turkey

Source: Hellenic News of America New York, NY – CNN International will air a program entitled “Turkey’s Dwindling Greek Christians” as part of its series “World’s Untold Stories.” The program will air on the CNN International Channel (look for it in your local cable, satellite listings) as follows: * Saturday, Aug. 28: (GMT) 13:30, 20:00 […]