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Salvation in Christianity. The martyred Father Daniel Sysoyev

This was the priest martyred for his criticism of Islam. Recent Comments Fr. Robert Arida: Why Don’t You Become Episcopalian? [7] William A national American Orthodox Church would be extremely difficult to have. American…Dec 10, 9:36 AM Chastity, Purity, Integrity: Orthodox Anthropology and Secular Culture in… [5] Fr. Johannes Jacobse Fr. Abraham, Yes, I agree […]

Dr. Peter Bouteneff: Speaking the truth in love

The faculty of St. Vladimir’s website will be posting occasional essays on topics of current events. In this essay, Dr. Peter Bouteneff, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, discusses ecumenical dialogue, particularly how different contexts and settings shape how discussion occurs. Dr. Bouteneff is a reader of the AOI blog and an occasional contributor. Source: St. […]

Fr. Preble: Duties to the State from a Romanian Orthodox Church Perspective

Fr. Peter-Michael Preble has this article published recently on Ethics Daily. Fr. Peter blogs at Shepherd of Souls, and Fr. Peter-Michael Preble. He hosts the Shepherd of Souls podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. I have a Scripture reading system in which I read first from the Gospels and then from the Epistles. I read this […]

Cardinal Pell of Australia: The Election

Finally the resistance is starting. Note the final paragraphs. Cardinal George Pell is the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney. Emphasis mine. By + Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, 29 August 2010 Democracy is alive and well in Australia. Democratic processes are robust and generally followed with good humour. I voted at Sydney Town Hall, […]

James Taranto: Common sense is to be avoided just because it is common

James Taranto in Oikophobia: Why the liberal elite finds Americans revolting (from the Wall Street Journal, available for seven days only) discusses the cultural divide made evident by the Ground Zero Mosque debate and what it reveals about America’s self-appointed elites. Read Besieged liberals resort to their last refuge: the bigotry charge by Charles Krauthammer […]