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Christianity is a spiritual path

“Buddhists aren’t the only ones who talk about consciousness. Tibetan monasteries were Christian before they were Buddhist.” Metropolitan Jonah, March 2010. Lenten Retreat with His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah given at Saint Matthew Orthodox Church in Columbia, MD on March 13, 2010. Listen here: Part 1 Part 2 … [Read more...]

A Challenging Vision For Orthodox Christians in America: An Interview With Father John Meyendorff

HT: OCANews A Challenging Vision For Orthodox Christians in America: An Interview With Father John Meyendorff Translated (with Introduction) by Father Robert M. Arida, Boston MA Introduction In 1990 the late Father John Meyendorff, renowned church historian, patrologist and dean of St. Vladimir’s Seminary, was interviewed in Paris by Antoine Niviere. The interview was … [Read more...]

A Reflection on the Episcopal Assembly

by An Anonymous Priest | HT: OCANews As of today, the final day of the Episcopal Assembly (EA) held in New York, we have only received a few official reports.* These reports have been in the form of addresses from bishops of the assembly. While it is nice to read the speeches and some of their poignant words, I am convinced that nothing dramatic will change. I am not one who is ‘connected’ and … [Read more...]

Maybe I’m Just Too American For This Orthodox Church

By Protodeacon Eric Wheeler | HT: OCANews I firmly believe that America offers the potential for the Orthodox Faith to flourish and grow like in no other land or culture. Unfortunately, at times, we cannot free ourselves from the “old world” mentality which mires us in our “ancient” faith. Consequently, it makes it difficult for Americans to even attempt to … [Read more...]

Bishop Basil and the Episcopal Assembly

Matthew Namee talks with His Grace Bishop Basil, the newly elected Secretary of the Episcopal Assemblies. We learn of his impressions of the historic May 26-28 gathering in New York as well as the assignment he has been given to coordinate the work of the committees that will be formed leading up eventually to a Great and Holy Council. Listen here: … [Read more...]