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‘South Park’ and the Informal Fatwa

Wall Street Journal by: Ayann Hirsi Ali The veiled threats against the Comedy Central show’s creators should be taken very seriously. ‘South Park” is hilarious, right? Not any more. Last week, Zachary Adam Chesser—a 20-year-old Muslim convert who now goes by the name Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee—posted a warning on the Web site following the […]

How Are We to Respond to Clergy Sexual Misconduct?

How should the Orthodox Church respond to the growing awareness of the harm caused by clergy sexual misconduct? I’m not asking here about policing misconduct but rather how are we to understand misconduct and what, if anything, can we do to lower its likelihood? In what follows, in this post I sketch out a brief overview of the research into the problem and offer some practical, if hard, suggestions.

Orthodox Churches Episcopal Assembly in L.A.

Source: Iglesia Catholica Apostilica Orthodoxa De Antioquia Use Google translator above. Asamblea Episcopal de Iglesias Ortodoxas en L.A. Los días del 16 al 18 de abril marcarán la historia de la Iglesia Ortodoxa en Sudamérica, por la realización de la “Primera Asamblea Episcopal de las Iglesias Ortodoxas en Sudamérica” en la sede del Arzobispado Antioqueno […]

Pray at St. Nicholas in Washington, DC

HT: The National Day of Prayer is being celebrated in prayer at thousands of locations around the nation on Thursday, May 6th. You can take part at Washington DC’s Saint Nicholas Cathedral. Come and go as you please between 5:00pm and 9:00pm. Pray in silence or join us in reading the Psalms aloud. No […]

Utah teens get sense of monastic lifestyle

The Salt Lake Tribune Sixteen high school seniors from Utah returned Sunday from a weekend-long graduation celebration. There was no partying or dancing. There was wine, just not for their imbibing. Still, the teens did experience extreme behavior — religious, that is. The pilgrims from Salt Lake City’s Greek Orthodox parish traveled to St. Anthony’s […]