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Wesley J. Smith: At what cost?

To the Source Obamacare is now the law of the land. Because health care and wellness are such essential parts of our lives and our culture, America will never be the same. For now, Obamacare preserves a private financing system—no public option. Nonetheless, it still represents a government takeover of healthcare. By eliminating risk assessment–and […]

What? Exceeded our bandwith?

Exceeded our bandwidth? That means that we are generating more traffic than we have been allotted. I increased the limit and checked the logs. In the last thirty days the AOI Observer (blog) had 39,399 visits and 117,845 page views. That means we have a lot of lurkers. Thank you to those who emailed me […]

Leadership: Is the microphone on?

Fr. Basil Basil Biberdorf over at The Orthodox Leader laments the Orthodox silence on the recent health care legislation. Some of Fr. Basil’s comments: The recent turmoil surrounding the recent passage of healthcare legislation by the United States Congress is providing ample opportunity to look at the absence of Orthodox leadership. Despite the scandalously equivocal […]

Robert P. George calls out Frank Schaeffer

I’ve been waiting for this. Robert P. George is an excellent thinker and astute cultural critic. He writes from the Roman Catholic tradition and there is much with which the Orthodox can find agreement (“Clash Of Orthodoxies: Law Religion & Morality In Crisis” is an excellent read). Frank Schaeffer, well, what can you say. I […]

Steve the Builder: Orthodoxy and Homosexuality, Part 1

I haven’t listened to it yet but usually Steve the Builder has very good material. In this podcast Steve references an article he wrote for AGAIN Magazine on the Orthodox Church and same sex attraction. In it he shares the results of several interviews with Orthodox men and women who shared their backgrounds and experiences […]