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Report: Turkey to reopen Halki Seminary

Turkish newspapers say a deal is in the works. Will there be reciprocity from Greece? When President Obama was in Turkey, there were reports that "the recognition by Greek authorities of muftis in Thrace and financial support for Muslim schools might prompt a Turkish rethink on the Halki school." Here is the story from Hurriyet, the Turkish newspaper: ANKARA - The Halki seminary on the … [Read more...]

Videos of St. Vladimir Seminary Symposium on Unity Available

St. Andrew House has posted the videos of "Orthodoxy: Past, Present and FUTURE" held at St. Vladimir Seminary on June 18-20, 2009 on their website. Below is the final presentation consisting of summations, and questions and answers. … [Read more...]

Ecumenical Patriarch releases agenda for Mississippi Symposium

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese released the schedule for Ecumenical Patriarch Batholomew's visit to the United States in October. Separately, a detailed agenda for his upcoming environmental symposium has been posted online. The patriarch's "Symposium VIII -- Restoring Balance: The Great Mississippi River" offers a rare opportunity to present Orthodoxy's distinctive, sacramental understanding … [Read more...]

ACNA’09: Metropolitan Jonah calls Anglicans to return to Apostolic Faith

By Michael Heidt | Special to Virtueonline | | 6/24/2009 Ed. Note: Finally, a hierach not afraid of speaking moral truth. Highlights: "Homosexualism not only "destroys authentic masculinity, it destroys authentic womanhood." "Gay ideology is neither from nurture or nature... we cannot accept their lifestyle or validate their unions." "We must eliminate any shred of … [Read more...]

Orthodox Church Leader Rekindles Relationship with Anglicans

Ed. Press release taken from the ACNA Anglican website. I heard from two people that the speech was excellent and will repost it here in video or text if it becomes available. I am not sure if the ACNA represents the orthodox/traditionalist wing of the Anglican Church. The leader of the Orthodox Church in North America has re-kindled the oldest ecumenical relationship in Christian history. … [Read more...]